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What can I do on Naturvielfalt? A short overview of the possibilities of this platform:

Tutorial to create an account and log in on Naturvielfalt:

How can I upload observation data on Naturvielfalt?

How can I create an area on Naturvielfalt?

Naturvielfalt.ch is available for everyone and is especially addressed to passionate nature observers. No previous knowledge is required if you are interested in nature conservation as well as observation and detailed documentation. This platform can be used by private persons or by public representatives of associations, communes or cantons.

Naturvielfalt.ch has been developped by the association Naturwerk from Brugg, canton Aargau.

To transfer observation data you need to create an account (cost-free). You will be asked to fill in some personal information, which will be used to keep the platform serious and to contact users if necessary. All information will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.

You own all the data you registrate. When registrating data on Naturvielfalt.ch, you hold the copyright and you keep the right of user for all your observations, pictures, audio files, etc. For this reason, you are always allowed to publish these data elsewhere and use them for other purposes.

No, at present there is no possibility to import existing data.

You can export all data or individual data as CSV files.
In the observation table, select the data you'd like to export and click on "Export all" or "Export selected".
The files can be opened and modified in Microsoft Excel. (Files -> Text in columns)

A red list is a register of species threatened with extinction. The list is created by the federal office for the environment (FOEN) and continuously updated.

With the upload of your observation data you contribute to a wider knowledge of occurence and existance of flora and fauna. This is needed for concrete projects of nature conservation to take decisions and implement upgrading measures. Therefore, you form an important part in the protection of landscape, species and nature and you can help to maintain the biodiversity.

Naturvielfalt.ch is mainly focused on Swiss flora and fauna. But you can upload observation data from all over the world.

A single observation is one species observed at a certain location. Already uploaded single obervations can be found here. Alternatively, observations can be added to a region (with an inventory).

First you have to create an account. Then you have the possibility to upload an observation.

You can create regions here on the website or also with the iPhone App.
You can add inventories to all regions and in the inventories you can upload observations.

Naturvielfalt.ch is a platform to upload and exchange information about flora, fauna and fungi. With a user account you can capture and administrate observation data (incl. images, audio, video & documents). Furthermore, you can retrieve information about certain organisms and have a look at the other user's observations.